Conducive Environment

Do you want to  be able to read a book in a day?Then, you have to check on the environment because your immediate surroundings  will always affect your achievements.  Before you start speed reading you need to consider the amount of light that reflects on your book, the distance between your eye and the book and a well organised purpose for reading.   Never start reading a book without  establishing the purpose of reading that book. After setting up the purpose of reading the book, create a good environment for studying and limit   interference from other people or from other activities.

Dictionary Drill

Whether you are a student looking forward to passing their terminal exam or a businessman who is overwhelmed with a lot of information to read and act on, everyone hopes that there is a way to efficiently read and comprehend the information lying on top of their desk so that they are free for other tasks. I am here to help you learn speed reading and to relieve you from the pain that you go through every day


Another very limiting factor for speed readers  is the vocabulary.  In order to read faster you need to improve your vocabulary. It is recommended that any speed reader continuously browse through a good dictionary, studying the various ways in which the suffixes prefixes and the core words relate to each other. When you improve your vocabulary you will find it easier to understand the wordings in any  book you read.