Math Hacks

Math hacks by tichasjasiri is an advanced training system specifically designed for anyone who wants to become better at math and be able to calculate complex problems without a calculator. You will be actively involved in the program the entire time. Drills, exercises and techniques will ensure that you get amazing results.

Advance Calculation

This program is not limited only to the younger people but has designed this program for any generation.   from the beginners to the experts you find something from my program for you. have set up this program in such a way that if you want to understand the fundamentals of numbers you have the opportunity to access that at your Fingertips in addition if you want to learn advanced mathematics like algebra algorithms you will also be to able to access that.

Math shortcut

You will never be the best in mathematics without knowing the shortcuts involved in performing any mathematical task. My program equips you with various shortcuts that enable you to perform mathematical calculations in a very short time and effectively. Never follow the long way again while performing the calculation

Bye bye Calculator

Outsourcing the functions of the brain using calculation 8 US calculator a computer cautious brain obesity.  the brain remains worthless because it’s function has been outsourced, therefore making we as human even more stupid. Throw away the calculator and you’ll be amazed by the results of a trained brain. I embrace calculation without calculating aid. It takes a few tricks, and then you are perfect.

Quick calculation

Depending on your calculator to do mathematics is good but if you task your brain to perform any calculation it’s better. your brain is equivalent to more than 200 computers together and that’s why deploying your brain to do mathematics is instant and accurate. using a calculation aid like a calculator denies your brain  the opportunity to function effectively. from this program, you learn how to use your brain to calculate any number.