The voyage had begun, and had begun happily with a soft blue sky, and a calm sea.

They followed her on to the deck. All the smoke and the houses had disappeared, and the ship was out in a wide space of sea very fresh and clear though pale in the early light. They had left London sitting on its mud. A very thin line of shadow tapered on the horizon, scarcely thick enough to stand the burden of Paris, which nevertheless rested upon it. They were free of roads, free of mankind, and the same exhilaration at their freedom ran through them all.

The ship was making her way steadily through small waves which slapped her and then fizzled like effervescing water, leaving a little border of bubbles and foam on either side. The colourless October sky above was thinly clouded as if by the trail of wood-fire smoke, and the air was wonderfully salt and brisk. Indeed it was too cold to stand still. Mrs. Ambrose drew her arm within her husband’s, and as they moved off it could be seen from the way in which her sloping cheek turned up to his that she had something private to communicate.


Average reader losses about 80% of what they have read after only one day. In our normal school system you are never taught how to retain and recall information.You will learn amazing ancient retention skills that will amaze your remembrance capability.

Memory Palace

Learning something and being able to recall it are two different things. This course focuses on loci methods to recall various materials by pegging them to certain places in the buildings that you know very well.


This guide is designed to be like a mini-course for anyone who is interested in accelerated learning.

The course is in eight lessons, each one of which teaches an important skill for accelerated learning. By the end of the course, you’ll be fully armed to learn almost anything you want to learn, faster than ever.

Mind Mapping

This method allows you to activate what you have read or listened to. It is essential for previews and review of the content. When using this method, you don’t write down your thoughts behind or below each other as usual. Instead, you write the main topic of your notes on the center of the sheet and write down your thoughts as keywords on lines starting from the center of the mind map.