Are you interested in visiting swahili speaking countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, S.Sudan, DRC and Burundi and would like to interact with the locals? Then you are in signing in for the right course. This course is designed mainly for the people who want to quickly learn Swahili language within a three months. You learn simple vocabularies and simple grammar structures for you to facilitate communication easily. I will teach you mastery skills that will ensure that you remember everything you learn.


You learn effectively because you learn English from the memory specialist’s perspective, which means you will use what you know from your own language to learn a new language through association techniques.


This course makes learning German finally easy by activating your hidden knowledge from English, giving you the skills you need to create your own. I will also teach you memory palace techniques to master vast Germany vocabularies.


I am very happy that you are interested in Chinese and Chinese culture. So that learning Chinese is not too boring, I have designed this Chinese course “Learn up to 800 Chinese characters within one months” . My challenge is to break record learning a new language in the shortest amount of time.