Memory Techniques

Imagine being able to withstand the information overload that we are experiencing these days and remember most of the information that you encounter on a daily basis. You will learn from me the easiest techniques such as the use of memory palaces and pegging to enable you to remember everything that you are interested in knowing. Be a memory master and keep your brain healthy. Never allow your brain to gain weight.

Foreign Language

Learning a new language a big challenge for many because we have not been taught the secret to learn a new language within 3 months. As a beginner I started learning German 5 years ago and being a poor language learner, I faced difficulty because language teachers didn’t consider my learning approaches. I am happy though that I managed to find the techniques key to learning a new language quickly, and that’s what I am all about. 

Speed Reading

Whether you are a student looking forward to passing their terminal exam or a businessman who is overwhelmed with a lot of information to read and act on, everyone hopes that there is a way to efficiently read and comprehend the information lying on top of their desk so that they are free for other tasks. I am here to help you learn speed reading and to relieve you from the pain that you go through every day.

Mental Maths

Are you someone who is having problems understanding the relationship between numbers?  Then you have come to the right place. With my mental math techniques, you will learn the relationship between numbers and you will afterward never opt for a calculator when doing simple arithmetic. Learn with me mathematics hacks tricks and shortcuts that will make you love calculations.  the key is to practice and play with the numbers and you never fear math anymore